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Hey! My name is Dani, I am a product designer based in Barcelona.

Specialized in design strategy, currently working on SaaS and B2B. As a passionate designer with a keen interest in human behavior, I am always looking for ways to contribute to products that prioritize both the user and the planet.

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Case study highlights

Ideating a wayfinding solution for venues

2 min read

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Foundations of a multi-product design system

2 min read

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Improving speed perception for loading documents

2 min read

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Reducing cognitive load: fake it until you make it

2 min read

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Tinder: finding the ideal match, but who is the ideal match?

7 min read

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Skillset so far

Hard skills

  • Product & user research
  • Fast Prototyping (Figma)
  • Information architecture
  • Data analysis (GA, Mixpanel)
  • Benchmarking

Visual skills

  • Visual strategy
  • Design systems
  • Interaction design
  • System documentation skills
  • Design audits

Soft skills

  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Proactivity over reactivity
  • Active listening

Contact info

If you want more info about my profile, do not hesitate to contact.