Put a map on it: Wayfinding experience for venues


The value proposition of this product was to get the fans to sit without complications in a large stadium. This can be easy for people who frequent it or who are familiar with the logic of the circulation system of these places. However, a large number of people are not members, but people who will attend a single party.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay
Holy cow, I don't want to get lost in there...


We asked: how can we safely guide these people to their seats through all the level changes, corridors and vomitories?


The MVP was destined to be launched at multiple countries around the world. The wireframe was ideated with the map system as the main character, and through user tests and card sorting the optimal solutions were agreed. It was necessary to analize the user journey to evaluate all the relevant studies of all possible routes in the architecture of the site that the user could follow to achieve a useful wayfinding application for all visitors to the site.

Wireframe of the first prototype. Hover or tap to see a first idea of user data tracking.


The prototype was prepared for guiding a user to their seat in a stadium with more than 80,000 seats, with a route divided into steps, from the best suited door, throught all the floors, and finally to the user seat, while offering a view of the services of the place.

Wireframe screens with a layer of design.


Doing a subsequent analysis of the jobs to be done, iterations were made to improve the interface and allow the user to have more information needed on their journey (time, distance, stairs), taking into account different cohorts of users.

There was relevant information to show, but the data we gathered showed us that the user prefered to keep it handy rather than show it all the time.