Design with D by Dani Delgado

Who am I
Hey! My name is Dani, and I'm a product designer based in Barcelona. I'm passionate about design and human behavior. I want to design solutions to problems that help people to be the best of themselves. In my projects I want an illustration to tell a story, a copy to excite, a button to make positive impact on people's lives. For this reason, I'm looking for a company committed to processes, to the product, to quality and with the customer.
Fast prototyping
NoCode prototyping, FIGMA, Adobe XD, Whimsical, HTML, CSS (I ❤️ CSS), some Javascript and Jquery too!
Research + data analysis
User research, user journeys, jobs to be done, wireframing. Google Analytics, Amplitude. Documentation skills.
Strong visual skills
Design systems, illustration (with a strong background). I demand, if possible, delightful, transparent, and honest visual experiences in my work environment.
Feature validation
I'm a hell of a critical-constructive profile. I want to create good, real, and fast, for me and for everyone. Golden rule.
Where I came from
Work highlights
2019/present day: Product designer at 3D Digital Venue. Creation and maintenance of design systems for SaaS and internal tools, UX research, product design, ideation and support for visual and marketing departments.
2015/present day: Freelance product designer, design consultant & visual designer. Creation and management of product and visual design. Creation of layouts and design systems, image and photography consultancy, branding, and illustration for offline and online media.
Education highlights
Hi there, HR, recruiter, talent hunter, manager, CTO, AKA maybe my new coworker. I'm very grateful if you have come this far. I hope to find you well, and not so tired of reading CVs and watching portfolios. I tried to do my best to make it as easy as possible for you. Any feedback on the content and the layout is very welcome. Also, please, don't print this page unless is completely necessary 🌳!
My portfolio is, but is under construction. If you want to know more about my profile or want to see my works, give me a call +34 673 78 33 21 or send me a mail . Coffe's on me.☕